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Each tower features the following hand selected components:

  • One T1:
    1” silk dome, NEO, super tweeter
    Frequency range: 3KHz-35KHz
  • One M3:
    2” silk dome, ball loaded, super midrange
    Frequency range: 800Hz-10KHz 
  • Two K8:
    8" Kevlar woofers, Long Excursion 
    Frequency range: 30Hz-2KHz 


All enclosed in an egg-shaped speaker enclosure to enable the most transparent sound reproduction with minimal reflections. Though they share the Telestos’ sleek style, they are more powerful and thicker in stature.


Available in black piano lacquer finish, the Tigris brings elegance to your home theater system without compromising the quality of sound performance.


  • Earthquake Sound is proud to present the Titan Tigris tower speakers, the big brothers of the Telesto towers.

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