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Commercial & Retail Landscape Maintenance:



Job Specification

The purpose of the job specifications is to maintain and enhance the value of the physical assets, and to be responsive to the legitimate work requests from each manager.  This is accomplished in the following manner:


  • On-site inspections of the grounds on a regular basis with management representatives.

  • Receive, log and process job work orders in a prompt manner in order to expedite completion of work and inform managers of the corrective action taken.

  • Review specifications on the tasks at hand such as fertilization, overseeding and water management, to ensure proper maintenance.

Our policy is to ensure all employees are viewed as professionals.  We require and provide uniforms or other approved methods of employee identification for all personnel working on the project.  Our employees will be neat, clean in appearance and are instructed to conduct themselves in the highest professional manner.

Upon request, a representative from our company will walk with management for the purpose of determining compliance with specifications of the job.

Project Inspections

Our management personally inspects and reviews each property on a regular basis to ensure the scope of work is being performed at a high level of expectations.  There will always be a representative on each project who can communicate in English, both orally and in writing.  Because our services are mainly visual, communication with management becomes extremely important.

It is our belief that effective communication between our company and your management representatives is vital to the success of the services we provide.  We meet regularly with managers for the purpose of communicating any problems or levels of service. If needed, we will produce reports at no additional cost that identify problems or requirements that may necessitate additional services.

Owner/Management Liason

Our Philosophy


Dress Codes

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