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Facility Management & Porter Services

We handle everything—So you don't have to...

Daily Tasks:


  • Remove trash in parking lots

  • Blow leaves debris parking lot, sidewalks

  • Remove any carts

  • Empty Trash, change liners, wipe down lids

  • Empty ash trays, wipe down

  • Remove/scrape gum on sidewalks

  • Remove cigarette butts as needed

  • Hand brush stains on sidewalks as needed

  • Remove trash in dumpster areas, close doors

  • Remove any graffiti, signs

  • Power wash stains not coming up by hand

  • Power wash sidewalks to remove grime

  • Clean out bottom of trash cans

  • Remove cobwebs, dust ledges, corners, drains

  • Flush out vacant spaces, dust

  • Power wash trash enclosers as needed

Weekly Tasks:

  • Weeds

  • Trees / hanging braches

  • Turf / Irrigation issues

  • Lighting issues

  • Flower issues

  • Parking lot issues

  • Building issues

  • Tenant issues

  • Missing / broken items

  • Signage issues

  • Roof inspections

  • Curb painting

Daily Inspections:

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