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  Are you one of those homeowners who has spent thousands of dollars on landscaping around your home but neglected to install outdoor lighting so you could see your beautiful surroundings?  If so, illumination can help.  It is a known fact that a good exterior lighting system adds real estate value as well as safety and security to your home.


  Outdoor patio and garden lighting has radically changed in recent years with the Malibu-type lights of the past being replaced by non-glare, low voltage instruments with transformer packs that can literally be inserted anywhere outdoors.  The result is lighting that is more dramatic, higher quality, and virtually maintenance free. 


  When done properly, outdoor lighting really can invite you outside.  At its creative best, it makes a perfect atmosphere for entertaining, relaxing or romance. Lighting can enhance the architectural design of your home, highlight focal points in the landscape design, and for security, can illuminate the perimeter, walkways, and pool/spa areas.


  Our customer’s really appreciate the creativity involved when we custom design their outdoor lighting.  Because we individually design each installation, our professional lighting specialists can create a theme then carry it out with maximum effect.


  Our outdoor lighting specialists custom make each light and fixture with state-of-the-art components personally selected to provide the versatility your light design might require.  These state-of-the-art lighting fixtures are beautiful but invisible in the daylight because all the mechanics are below ground.  At night, proper lighting delivers magic.


  illumination is committed to providing the highest quality products and best warranty in the industry.  We thank you for considering illumination and look forward to working with you.  We hope you enjoy your new lighting system as much as we enjoy creating it.

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